There are 5 steps to create the perfect plan for you. Everyone is different and I am experienced in adapting each session to the individual fitness level, physics, personal history and challenges.

1. Consultation

It is important to me to get to know you, your goals, challenges, targets and aspirations. This way I can offer you the best services possible, which is tailored to your needs. The consultation usually lasts one hour and also gives us a good marker on how we’ll work together – I need to make sure that my clients are 100% dedicated and ready to make a change. The end of the consultation will be marked with a level of commitment and clear measurable targets.

2. Body Composition Testing

I will take all your key measurements, this includes habits, sleep patterns, body fat percentage, body water, blood pressure, resting heart rate, metabolic age, weight, body mass index and more as well as health and risk factors. We would then take a body type questionnaire which will help me to determine your fat and fat free mass.

3. Macronutrient Feedback

Using the above measurements I will then, to the exact gram, calculate what you should be eating in terms of carbohydrates, fats and proteins and show you some manageable way of how you can track these on a daily basis.

4. Postural Analysis

I specialise in postural correction and this analysis is an important factor to help you achieve your goals safely. Postural analysis is the process of evaluating your body positional and taking corrective action based on that analysis. Any imbalances within the kinetic chain will show signs of injuries and uncover poor habits that may lead to injuries in the future. This is a usual examination that involves a series of movements to highlight and irregularities in your posture and allows analysis of how you should hold your own body and what can be corrected to alleviate any pain.

5. Fitness Test

The fitness test covers the 4 cornerstones of fitness. Strength, Cardiovascular Fitness. Anaerobic Fitness (lung capacity) and Flexibility.All the tests are measurable and recorded on your tailored programme card. The test is repeated every 4 weeks or when we feel sufficient progress has been made in terms of endurance, recovery, strength or suppleness. The outcome of the fitness tests will shape your tailored programme and is also based on the findings from your initial consultation, your postural analysis and any extra goals we agree you should work on.