The first thing I do when I meet a potential client is get them to think about EXACTLY what they want to achieve. I try to encourage them to think about their recent achievements. What were they are most proud of? What were their main struggles? What would they have done differently? And if it’s still a problem?

Together we write down all their health and fitness ambitions and break down the information. We prioritise the list and ascertain what the number 1 heath and fitness target is. For some people, the goal may be too big. For example, the ambition is to run a marathon, but they haven’t run 5km yet. If this is the case, together we break the goals down into achievable smaller goals.  It could be to run a 5km, then a 10km, and half-marathon etc.

100 percent of the time when a client starts achieving these mini goals they instantly feel much more positive making the bigger main goal manageable. They’ll feel confident and have the momentum to keep going.

Goals have to be specific. Instead of ‘I want to Lose Weight and Tone Up’ we put focus on a particular aspect of their fitness or part of the body. It could be taking part in a specific event or even a holiday. With a deadline its easier to have a complete measure of success. Goals always change so hitting the specific smaller targets really creates a habit of success.