“ Simon ran an 8 week bootcamp, which turned out to be a huge success. There was a great mix of people and he ran 2 classes with a range of bootcamp equipment. The classes were challenging and pushed you to your limits at times, but it was really good fun. There was lots of variation and the style and format of the classes were slightly different each week. The classes were held outside, on a lovely grassy area and were held at a suitable lunchtime hour so you could conveniently slot it in, in your lunch break. There was a mixture of exercises that were made fun and competitive within the group”

“ Simon is a great personal trainer and he ran the class with positivity – offering a friendly, welcoming environment. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to push themselves and see a difference in their overall fitness levels but having fun with it at the same time”.

Amie, Business Development Manager, British Airways.