As an Exercise Professional, a Teacher, a Coach, I research and study how the human body actually works so I can deliver the safest most effective information, exercises and eating plans? Wouldn’t it be sad if we were delivering information based on another person’s opinion or popular ideas, or science that was tainted?

A few things to think about…

1) Do the number of followers they have on social media, or their athletic,celebrity, movie star, even medical expertise include an in-depth understanding of how the human body gets fit and strong, lean and healthy?

2) Does this person, or this popular opinion, have an agenda, a book, a documentary, a movie, a sales reason, an egotistical reason to give this advice?

3) Does this person stick to their own advice? Are THEY an energetic, high-performing, lean, fit, strong person who has been getting great results long term, more than 5-10 years, from eating and exercising this way?

If No, to any, perhaps make changes to suit YOUR life and what YOU like rather than have someone tell you what you can and cannot eat or how to exercise and most importantly don’t believe the hype.