The session kicked off with both Ryan and Simon giving us a brief intro to themselves and their background before we got stuck in to the session. Working in small groups, we discussed our good and bad habits when it came to health and nutrition. It was clear that a lot of us tried to stick to a “good” routine where possible e.g. getting 8 hours of sleep a night, always having breakfast, not having caffeine in the evening, but then it seemed all of us did have some traits which we’d like to change when it came to nutrition, my main one being reaching for the sweet treats when the sugar cravings hit at 3pm! –

Ryan and Simon then chatted us through a whole host of topics ranging from the importance of weekly planning and trying to stick to a routine Monday to Friday, ensuring you get enough sleep, staying hydrated and interestingly, they did a lot of “nutri-mythbusting” on fad diets and nutrition concepts such as fasting which was eye-opening!

I liked that both Simon and Ryan weren’t too “preachy” when it came to handing out advice to us. They know that the industry we work in can be quite social with lots of parties (especially around Christmas!) but if we made small changes that can benefit us then it can make all the difference.