As a personal trainer I have to set targets for each individual cleint to improve and work towards the clients ‘goals’ whether it’s to lose body fat, put on muscle or get into some nice swimwear. This goal needs to be measurable, achieved and then re-set.

A big factor with this is people may need a plan outside of the gym, and time is spent understanding the clients patterns and requirements and to create a sense of accountability – if you complete the weekly tasks then you’re on route to achieving your goal.

This is all communicated to the client. Tasks may include a 5km run or do some body weight work outs at home, this varies drastically from client to client. As a trainer I not only set this plan, but make it my duty to check in and see if they are sticking to it and keep them accountable.

Lifestyle factors are important. Nutrition, sleep and stress factors are all measured and tracked. These key lifestyle factors are accounted for when designing a training programme.

Measurability and education go hand in hand. I have to periodise the Programmes to ensure clients are getting the required rest. It truly is a journey that goes above and beyond the two, three or four hours per week we spend together. Ultimately we set targets, sets dates and measure everything and start again.